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Emerging from the horrors of WW-I, a bold Jewish initiative took place in the heart of Poland. A daring Zionist Gymnasium. The primary language: Hebrew! The Educational Goal: National Identity. In its short life, 1919-1939, The Hebrew Gymnasium molded the character of thousands of students. Many of them were butchered by the invading German troops, but many survived, and led remarkable Zionist lives. Among the graduates of the Gymnasium we find one Israeli Prime Minister, scores of community leaders, and first rate professionals. In the late 80s, graduate Ya'acov Samid took the initiative, and summoned his fellow graduates from all over the world. In May 1990 they gathered on Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds -- fifty-one years after the destruction of their beloved school. They were aged, and hewn by time; storied and defiant -- burning with the spark they touched in the gymnasium, radiating the immortal spirit of their Zionist message. This historic event was commemorated on tape, which is now available for everyone.

The participants were grateful to Ya'acov for his vision, enterprise, and persistence, which yielded such a triumphant celebration and they implored him to take the next step. Ya'acov Samid, once again, stepped up, and a year later he published the "Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok". A thorough historical account of the time and the events of those precious twenty years; told by the teachers and the students of this remarkable institution. The volume features 250 pictures of the time, letters, contemporary magazines -- the world that is no more. Teachers and students, and their growing families have grabbed a hold of this unique historical account. Alas, quite a few have scattered around the world, and their descendants speak Hebrew no more. Ya'acov's friends came to his door once more. "Could you publish an English edition?" There was no doubt about the answer. And indeed, four years later, in 1995, Ya'acov Samid published the English edition of the chronicles of the Hebrew Gymnasium. Both volumes are available for everyone who cherishes the history of Zionism in Poland between the two world wars.

The Story of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok find out more!

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